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Wireless interactive experience with NFC Gifts and Promotional Products


NFC Experience

Wireless interactive experience with NFC Gifts and NFC promotional products. Use NFC to manage and control the user experience.


Dynamic information and use NFC gifts and NFC promotional products to bring more fun and engagement to the user. 


Brand protection and trust by verifying the authenticity of manufacturing through usage.


Use NFC to upgrade the traditional gifts and promotional products to an Internet of Things

NFCgifts Power Up Your Promotion

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows users to make secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. NFC transmissions are short range (from a touch to a few centimetres) and require the devices to be in close proximity.

NFC is the technology in contactless chipset and the most common use of NFC technology in your smartphone is mobile payment. 
We use NFC to upgrade the transitional promotional gifts into a smart  connected gifts for marketing promotion. 


A direct channel between physical products and the online world

The sales environment for B2C and B2B transactions has been radically transformed by the proliferation of digital intermediaries such as search engines, e-commerce, online reviews, and social media. With NFC, your digital messaging comes off the shelf straight from your products. Because you control the channel, you can focus on delivering your brand message and calls to action while bypassing dishonest reviews, paid placement on search engines, an e-commerce channels that are increasingly incentivized to push their private label products instead of yours.

Unique experiences, a different way to connect

As an opt-in solution, NFC puts the customer in the driver’s seat. Your brand’s voice comes through directly, brand loyalty is boosted, and, customer satisfaction increases. Using NFC technology, NFCgifts can bring more campaign traffic than social platforms. In addition to this, there is a “Awesome!” factor that, while it can’t be quantified, makes a big impact in our attention-based economy.

Until now, we sold over 1 million RFID / NFC products worldwide ! 



It is the trend to make your promotional gifts to be connected 


NFC Gifts & Solutions

028_wedding news NFC.jpg

NFC Smart Watch Band

CoolPop SmartBadge

Smart Invitation Solution

Smart Wedding Card

Design Patented

Design Patented

NFC invitation card

NFC wedding card

Our design patented NFC Smart watch band to let you engage with the digital world

It is a smart NFC gadgets to power up your fashion.

We make your events more fun and interactive

Our NFC wedding invitation card project Interviewed by Darizi

We provide the wedding card design and Connected Solutions for the wedding event


CoolPop I.O.TEE

NFC Mouse pad

N-Banner Promotion



Smart fashion

NFC Marketing promotion

Just Tap and Post

SmarThings in your home

CoolPop I.O.TEE with our patented NFC badge which is ideal for event access control/check in, cashless , and encourage the loyalty engagement for your event

Mouse pad is a coolest way for marketing promotion if NFC embedded. We works with global company eg. Tapit, Jetti.

Our N-Banner is Easy, Fast and Playable for the event promotion.

We provide the NFC support for the Winewalk 2014 in Hong Kong

Wanna connect your brand in everyone's home? NFC Fridge magnet is a way to let your customers connect with your digital content. Just Tap!



CoolPop Wireless headphone

Interviewed by Ta Kung Pao in 2014

CoolPop SmarThings in NFC Forum

NFC project in Osaka

Smart Fashion



A collabo NFC project with Aquabit Spirals Inc. for Umeda in Osaka.

Original design Wireless headphone with NFC Smart Badge.

Interviewed by Ta Kung Pao to share about the trend in NFC gifts industry.

Our NFC products in NFC Forum product showcase


CoolPop Connected Gifts

Strategic Partner

CoolPop Smart Band for iPhone 7 and later

CoolPop NFC Band

Demo - Iphone IOS 11 for NFC

CoolPop X Aquabit Sprirals Inc.

Patented Connected Smart Band

Wearable Band for promotion

Apple iPhone 7 supports CoolPop Connected Gifts 

Coolpop being as the strategic business partner with Aquabit Spirals Inc. for the NFC connected gifts.

NFCgifts patented NFC smart watch band for Apple watch and classic watch. The smart gadget for engagement. Welcome for collabaration. Contact us now!

Click to view the Demo

For leisure ,public transportation, ,Campus and Access Control System,Amusement park etc.


CoolPop X Deep Settle Movement

CoolPop connected badge collabo project for Deep Settle Movement

Deep Settle Movement ( DSM ) is an South African Urban Clothing. This project is using CoolPop connected badge as a fashion accessories to promote DSM's social media.


CoolPop X Candy Bouquet (Japan)

CoolPop connected badge collabo project for Candy Bouquet Japan

Coolpop being as the strategic business partner with Candy Bouquet for the Coolpop Connected badge to integrate their social media platform and online shops


CoolPop Joins PPAI in Las Vegas

CoolPop shows in PPAI to demo the new way of promotional gifts with our connected technology.


CoolPop Smart Fashion 2018

New CoolPop Smart Fashion will be launced in Hong Kong, Japan and Los Angeles. Stay tuned! 


CoolPop X nfc touch

CoolPop being as the strategic partner with nfc touch

To empower our services and nfc touch becomes our strategic partner for the NFC products

CoolPop Scan App.jpg

CoolPop NFC Scan App is ready

CoolPop connected gifts can be scanned by our Official CoolPop Scan App now

App available to download from Apple App Store now


NFC Digideco wipes for ErDong Times Pictures 

ErDong Times Pictures use connected Digideco Wipes for dynamic promotion in Hong Kong FILMART. It brings the new NFC experience for the visitors 



CoolPop crossover with fashion brand SCANFC


Patech Case

First launched our design patented case for iPhone 


Tokyo Gift Show 2020

CoolPop joins the Tokyo Gift Show


NFCgifts Joins PPAI Expo 2020 in Las Vegas

NFCgifts shows in PPAI to demo the new way of promotional gifts with our connected technology.


CoolPop X SCANFC for NFC Play Watch

CoolPop X SCANFC for NFC Play Watch with our connected technology.


SCANFC x Light Up

SCANFC x Light Up NFC Tech Gadgets 

Interview by HKTDC

Interview by HKTDC

NFCgifts is selected by HKTDC to share the trend of NFC Gifts and wearable gadgets in the global market


PaperLive Crossover project 

CoolPop x SCANFC x PaperLIve Bag


Interviewed by PC Market Magazine


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Nouvelle Vision

Heading 1