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Smart NFC Deco Sticker

NFC mobile wipe sticker
  • Sticks easily to the back of a cell phone, tablet, or laptop

  • Displays your logo on a high-quality microfiber cloth

  • Sticky backing for adhesion 

  • Just a tap and connect to your website, Instagram, Facebook, landing page, etc

  • A modern social sharing

  • Make your promotion dynamic 

NFC sticker
NFC sticky stand

Digideco is a Re-sticky deco sticker with NFC. It brings your promotion from the physical wiper to digital content by using your Android NFC smartphone, iPhone 7 or newer to scan it. 


Create your own shape, design and graphics to make your promotions more outstanding. 

NFC mobile wipe
NFC mobile wipe
Promote your digital content

Why Adhesive NFC Digideco Stickers?


Do you want a smart and modern personalized way to advertise your business? NFC Digideco Sticker provides wholesale Digideco stickers branded with your specific logo for thousands to see. These Digideco stickers embedded NFC technology inside. It sticks to the back of thousands of devices such as mobile cell phones, tablets, and computers. Digideco stickers are made with high-quality microfiber and NFC tech inside, so you can expect the best quality and new experience on promotion . Your promotion does not just show the logo but also your online information by tapping it. Needing to order on a wholesale level?  We are glad to have you covered with bulk orders. Let's make promotion becomes smarter!





Support iOS13 Shortcuts Automation




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