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NFC Ballpen

NFC ballpen is a way to take advantage of digital and physical advertising ballpen. Program your e-catalog, promotional link or website to the NFC ballpen. It is a great way to leverage the power of phygital marketing.

NFC ballpen for phygital marketing promotion. NFC ballpen with NFC technology inside and connect the online content with a simpl tap

3-in-1 NFC ballpen is an innovative promotional gifts for corporate promotion

  • Ballpen

  • Touch stylus 

  • NFC enabled

  • Battery-free

  • Supports NFC writer app

  • Available for logo printing

Ballpen with NFC chip
NFC Ballpen 7in1 NFC ballpen
7 in 1 NFC pen
NFC bamboo pen
NFC bamboo ballpen
Sustainable NFC ballpen
Sustainable NFC ballpen

NFC BAllpen



Support iOS13 Shortcuts Automation





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