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Switch to digital NFC promotional products

NFC marketing solutions

NFCgifts™ Show Social

We offer a range of NFC modules that are used for your SHOW. Each NFC product can be tailored to the customer and can be updated again continuously. Besides, your event and brand have a good overview and user experience by the customer. Our NFC promotional products and solutions bring you the new generation of the future SHOW.


NFCgifts™ phygital NFC marketing solutions

Phygital trends are already underway in the global economy recovery. It is especially true of the digital business, with the rise of digital behavior such as remote working, online exhibitions, the Internet of Things, and social share promotion services. NFC phygital marketing promotion changes may also accelerate, including social media platforms, O2O promotion, and a further explosion of cross-border data flow. The traditional trade show, concerts, conferences etc. will add phygital for future marketing promotion. With our NFC system, our NFC products let your customers/guests can seamlessly connect to your brand online and unlock exclusive content.

ECO Friendly

ECO is a big topic for the global economy too. Go Green and go Smart is an invisible bridge between your physical product and the digital world. These involve battery-free and sustainable concepts for promotion. We enhance our environment by using less carbon. Less paper & less plastic is the trend in the future SHOW.

NFC Access


NFC Stand

NFC promo

NFC Event Products

NFC Promotion

NFC marketing products
NFC marketing solutions


Digital Promotion

NFC display stand brings offline products to online platforms

Eco Friendly

Less paper, Less catalogue, but deliver more information

Efficient Operation

Less Promoters. Products promote itself


More easy to get engagement to your social media

Intelligent Show

Let your show smarter.Visitors can get the information easier by scanning the products


Pull your visitors to interact with you

Post Covid

Touchless and get the information 


NFC promotional gifts is a tools to bring your customer from offline gifts to online platforms

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