Shortcuts Automation


Powered by SCANFC

Design your own features

NFC Tech insides The CARD

Credit card size 86mm x 54mm

On Demand Printing Available

Keep your info up-to-date

Excellent for business, invitation and promotion

Edit your profile for the Magic Card, keeping your profile Up-to-Date
Scan the Magic Card to pop up your profile

Create Your Personal Automated MagicCard


Automate Shortcuts 

with MagicCard

For iOS 13 users, download the Shortcuts App from App Store. Now you can try to activate your MagicCard by using Shortcuts. 

Select Automation from the bottom menu and Create New Automation 

Click NFC

Click Scan and Scan MagicCard

Magic Card Light Up Version

NFC Chipset embedded

Build-in LED

No battery

Bright up your promotion 

Magic Card USB Flash Drive

NFC Chipset embedded

8Gb / 16Gb / 32Gb 

No battery

On Demand Printing available

Pocket slim card size

Ideal for Trade  

Need a Quotation? 

Contact sales for special pricing.