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NFC Coaster for marketing promotion

Why NFC Coaster?

Near Field Communication ( NFC ) Coaster

Let you build a brand connection and create a meaningful relationship with your customers. It helps to build a loyal customer base.

NFC Coaster brings a new user experience for your customers and encourages them to get your updated information. NFC Coaster makes a quick impression of the quality of your brand. The NFC Coaster can frequently update its contact details, add new social media platforms to its marketing strategy, and regularly promote via a Bio-link ( Eg. HiHello, Linktree, AllMyLink, etc. ) Or connect with your online content.


Customers can get your updated information via a tap. Bio-link lets you link videos, free resources, your company website, social media, etc. A phygital NFC Coaster is designed for your event promotion and corporate marketing promotion.

NFC Coaster

NFC Coaster

Available versions:

- Plastic

- Bamboo / Wood

- Ceramic

Custom your NFC Coaster:

- Logo imprinting available

The Advantages of NFC Coaster:

- Reusable

- Cost less

- Tappable

- Save Cost , Save Paper and Share More (eg. Social media, brochures, etc.)



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